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May. 24th, 2007

Happy Summer!

so I used to be really good and update ALLLL THE TIME now im all lazy and i'm like i'll do it later..........hahaha
Well actually I started to update like a week or so ago but then I was like man I have the most BORING LIFE EVER and hit the x and never finished lol.  
So let's see whats been up since uh new years haha.  Well I put a bunch of pictures up so you know what I've sorta been up to haha.  School happenned RA36 occurred that was awesome minus on saturday we had this HUGE DUST STORM yeah welcome to Lubbock BA lol that was crazy.  My friend thought she was gonna blow away "Wizard of Oz" Style in the adoration chapel.  That's kinda crazy...so you ppl that don't get out much I can now say that 90% of what is on TV is REAL.  The Wizard of Oz and like tornados and wind and dust storms REALLY DO HAPPEN.  I can also say that by going to school in West Texas I have a better appreciation of Country Music.  Every now and then I find myself listening to it and i'm like haha weird.  Idk it's weird I used to listen to some of it here and there but yeah idk it's different now i guess.  I have also learned how to 2-step that is actually kinda fun :)
So that was Februaryish whatever so in March it was my 21st bday over Spring Break my mom and I traveled to Shreveport,LA and went to the casinos that was fun.  I didn't really win or los much so it was okay it was fun to try it out though :) I still want to go to Las Vegas though.  Maybe my cousin who goes to school/lives out there will get married soon lol 
I came home for easter yeah nothing too exciting.  My sister moved out into some apt over spring break but she jus moved back home like last weekend her room mate who has NO JOB kicked her out uh yeah this should be interesting for her.  She says shes going to declare bankruptcy (her ex rm that is) whatever.  She has 2 cats they are so cute.  We go Kitty and Baby shaved yesterday they look so funny lol They were mad at us but they finally got over it and came out last night.  My sister got in some carreck on Saturday so that leaves me carless bc i have no job ugh it's annoying thats what shes doing now shes calling insurance ppl haha
So it's now summer and i have my tutoring job i've been getting about 9 hours or so a week I've been tryin g to float in the afternoonish but yeah i like it idk if i'm gonna get a real job for the summer.  If I do I really can't until like June 16th or something because June 10-14th idk whatever that Thursday is.  I volunteered to do Mission Possible which is this week of Community Service that we do througout Dallas.  It's been going on for like 10+ years.  I've been wanting to do it for like 4 years.  I tried to do it the summer after my senior year of high school but the stupid lady never submitted the forms.  Then the summer after freshman and sophomore year of college I was doing summer school.  This is my first summer I don't have to go to summer school well I'm not going b/c I'd have to go to summer school at tech and take like 2-4 classes with money I don't have like $2000 b/c i don't get financial aide for the summer.  That was uh too much classes so I'm just going to graduate in December 2008 instead of May 2008.  I will somehow manage. yeah so speaking of that so for like 2 days I thought about changing my major but then I found out that i can just take the 12 classes i need to graduate and then I can do the new major in grad school.  I've been researching and I think UTA (University of Texas at Arlington) has the best program.  So if your curious I was tutoring one night and I was like ha i'm such a nerd this problem is fun and my mom was sitting there and she was like you should become a math teacher.  and i was like no?!!? yeah idk so out of curiousity i started looking the stuff up to switch majors i need like 25 more classes b4 graduation.  And I really can't take a bunch of them till the spring b/c i haven't been admitted into the school.  But like at UTA the program is like 36 hours and I would just have to take like 12 or 24 hours in related coursework so like 2 years and then I'd have a masters in education.  And at UTA i can just do math the other schools it's math and science because i was looking at the 4-8grade curriculum.  Yeah and steponme wants to do early childhood-4th grade and at one place you need like 14 hours of foreign language i was like wow thats a lot.
Yeah okay well idk it's summer i'm home in rowlett/dallas/garland area till august probaly idk i think we're gonna go to chicago in July my moms going to some conference/workshop and she said I can go with her.  I think steponme might come with us too idk we'll see it should be fun i've always wanted to go to chicago. 
okay this is enough for now i'll try and update more often but i'm not making you ppl any promises lol laterz

Feb. 1st, 2007

Funny quiz and random update :)

How smart are you?

Wow I'm dumb...but some of those questions were weird..I wonder what the answers are lol oh well anyway lets see
So schools been in session for almost a month. I'm slowly and I STRESS the word SLOWLY) getting used to my schedule. The fact that i'm 13 classes (17 classes with this semester) away from graduating is kinda scaring me but I am managing it.

Tomorrow I'm meeting with these kids in my group to come up with a product. What should we manufacturer?!!? Any ideas? hmm thinking time.

RA Stuff is coming along REALLY well. It's gonna be awesome but it's NEVER NOT awesome. Tomorrow my staff is having "staff bonding" that should be fun. Then Staff Retreat is next Friday :) And some RA shopping should be taking place pretty soon. Okay well I can't say anything else about that whahaha aren't inside jokes and secrets awesome?!!? whahaha

Let's see what else last weekend I staffed my first DYRT retreat. That was a lot of fun. I think I'm gonna start doing that more often. It'll give me something to do on the weekends :) and they are a lot of fun and the ppl are awesome! I think I'm finally starting to fit in here yay!!

Whatelse hmmm The Rock is tonight w00t. Work is okay same old boring stuff some kids are nice some are mean. It sucks though b/c the schedule opens for me at 11am on Thursdays and on Thursdays I'm in class from 11am-3:20pm so I don't get to schedule till then and all the good hours are taken so I haven't been getting good hours. I should start taking my comp to class so i can schedule in class haha I'm so bad. But I need a lot of books as it is :( so idk we'll see I guess.

Okay well I'm gonna go get some stuff done before the rock i'll ttyl bye ppls


Jan. 22nd, 2007


SO I TOTALLY ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I just made Custom Moods with Gilmore Girls Pictures!! omg they are way cool!!!!!!!

Let's see well the semester started blah blah blah classes are okay so far. Tuesdays/thursday are like mega long b/c i got 3 classes in a row. no time to eat lunch :( sadness oh well I'm gonna manage somehow.

RA#36 is coming up fast it's like a month away. Not even....scary stuff but it's gonna be awesome!

Okay Idk what else to write so I'll update more laterzz bye



Jan. 3rd, 2007



My New Car!!!!!!

Happy New Year? No BORING New Year!!!!! hahahaa

Hey Guys! Did you like my pics from JOYLAND? I have some videos when I feel like uploading them i'll post those maybe lol yeah my new toy = slide.com lol that website is cool haha

So I can't believe school starts in 1 WEEK EEK :(( I don't want to go back but I do lol I feel so distant from everyone. Well I am haha but yeah it'll be nice to get back into school and all that fun stuff. Plus my spring schedule is awesome

MON/WED 3:00-4:20 i think idk lol Art Appreciation

TUES/THURS 11:00-3:20 3 business classes- tax accounting, isqs 3344 and marketing


yeah so that should be interesting omg my textbooks are CRAZY expensive :( the stupid art book is like 100 bucks!! The cheapest is like 85! ugh Idk though i found an older edition cheaper i wonder what's different haha i really don't want to spend 100 bucks for a freaking ART book hahahaha oh well i will survive somehow lol

Let's see hmm the new windows media player is annoying but I think I'm getting used to it. I will manage.

So my moms been gone since Sunday i've been soooooooo bored lol my mom drove with steponme up to NY she comes home tomorrow w00t i gotta go pick her up at love field. I love that airport. It's so SIMPLE lol and love has been set free so now i can fly out of there if i go to ny or like vegas or ANYWHERE cool that southwest flys lol!!

Okay so my life is way boring and there's nothing to write about here lol oh my new years resolution is to keep my GPA at 3.8 hahahaha we'll see how that goes *prays* hehe okay well i'm gonna go finish cleaning and stuff ttyl bye



p.s. pray for R.A. #36 :) PREPARE THE WAY...................................

Oct. 16th, 2006

This Weekend = AMAZING!!

So this weekend was Raider Awakening #35! OMG it was AMAZING!! It was my 3rd RA but it was my first one that was in the fall...not that that really means anything haha but it was my first Raider Awakening. My first two awakenings were Rattler Awakenings haha but yeah anyway

So this weekend was AMAZING...the ppl here are awesome ppl. Even though I miss my friends at stmu i'm really glad that I'm here and a part of this community.

Yeah so tons of stuff happenned this weekend but I can't tell you ppl any of it here unless i talk to you personally and depending on WHO you are I probaly can't tell you much haha sorry it's just the way things work :( if you want to know then go on RA#36 haha or any other Awakening for that matter...but anywayzz

So I'm going home this weekend which makes me WAY excited b/c i haven't gone home since like AUGUST! w00t REAL FOOD haha

okay well I have nothing else to really say except life rocks :) sometimes...haha okay well I'm off to class laterz


Sep. 23rd, 2006

Dreams are WEIRD!!!!

Okay well I wrote this last night but my computer was being gay and it wouldn't open xanga or anything.  Blah so here it is.....




So I've been watching Everwood Season 1 like since 11pm haha idk when I put it on but I've watched like 10 episodes.  Right now it's the Thanksgiving episode that I got my xanga sn from "playslikeanangel" hehe in the show they have these "thankful books" and on one page the mom wrote "we are thankful for Ephram's piano playing for it sounds like angels" or something like that. Hehe


So dreams are WEIRD..lately I've been having VERY WEIRD dreams! Omg creapy!  But last nights' dream topped the cake..yeah very strange..analysis is needed if anyone is interested hahaha so here it goes……..


So I was at home.  I think it was like a holiday time I'm not sure why I was at home.  But anyway and I was at sacred heart catholic church and I was there for a wedding…and it was my aunt's wedding.  Which is really weird b/c uh she's married lol but I think her and my uncle were like renewing their vows or something and father bob (who is the current pastor) did the ceremony.  The church was packed and it was really bizarre b/c all the seats were labeled like you know how at the reception there's a seating chart well for some reason the church had a seating chart too…yeah weirdness and I remember I was all mad b/c me, my mom and my sister were all there and we weren't seated near each other like we were all in different rows of the left section.  And I had to sit near some weird old guy that I didn't even know! It was waaaay creapy!!  Yeah and then I asked my mom who the maid of honor was and she was like idk (my mom has 3 sisters-the aunt that was getting married was one of them) and then the ceremony starts and it turns out one of her other sisters was the maid of honor and the other one was in the wedding party but I'm not sure of what position she played.  I remember they were wearing these weird outfits that had like knetted shawls.  Omg SOOO BIZARRE!!  Oh yeah but like before the ceremony and b4 I went into the church even I was out in the foyer of the church and my mom I think was talking to father bob and stuff and they were like oh it's okay b/c she's going to get married here.  They were like talking about me and like apparently I was dating someone or engaged to someone but he wasn't there and I don't even know who he is! Which kinda annoys me and it's like weird b/c it's this mystery dude.  And then me and my mom got in this argument b/c I was like but I don't want to get married here, I want to get married at St. Elizabeth's (the church here in Lubbock) b/c that's where we met and fell in love and blah blah blah and all this other cheesy stuff haha


Yeah it was way weird…and so anyways after getting annoyed at her I go in and sit next to some weirdo in the church and the wedding starts and everyone comes in and the wedding goes on and they get married and then I wake up..i think after they kissed I woke up hahaha well I don't really remember much after that.  The weird thing is that NONE of these ppl even live anywhere near TX!  They all live in NY/NJ area…and they like all traveled down to Rowlett to come and do this vow renewal ceremony thing at our church….yeah omg it was soooooooooooooo weird!!


Okay now that I'm completely freaked out I'm going to go to bed since it's like uh 5am haha well ttyl bye









oh yeah well right before i woke up i had this weird dream that a toothpick was like stuck in my toe! omg it was way gross!! gross gross gross! i hate weird dreams why do we dream what is wrong with me? omg i'm going in SANE


so i'm watching 40 days and 40 nights this movie is pretty crazy...and i'm like dude these guys are ugly how are they even getting "anything" haha okay well i've had enough of this junk i'm going to go be productive...or just play yahtzee maybe haha idk laterz




Aug. 30th, 2006

First Week is almost done...funtimes? ha

hmmmmmm.....so classes have been in session for 3 days.  They've been interesting.  We haven't really done much which is kinda cool...haha.  Holden Hall is the WEIRDEST building ever built haha okay probaly not but it is kinda bizzarre you go in then you like leave to get to the classrooms it's weird...ha oh well at least I only have to deal with that class once a week.  So it's cool...I guess.  Tomorrow is Thursday I have stats and english boring ha then i'm DONE! Yes I get a 4 day weekend w00t b/c I have no classes on Friday :D which is awesome! haha so yeah that's right be jealous! haha


Well I'll finish this later I have a g-staff meeting in 15 minutes! ahhh okay well ttyl bye


Okay I'm back...whahaha so this years gonna be FUN I can already tell :)

So the meeting was cool...we're gonna go to mass as a staff once a week which is cool and we picked a good meeting time.  It's gonna be weird b/c i've never done this RA so it's a little different it seems like they do a bunch of stuff stuff that we didn't do b/c it was way smaller.  They had to change the location to b/c their usual place was like triple booked but this place sounds REALLY nice and they say it's a lot bigger.  So we'll see how it goes.  Hopefully I'll figure out how things work and not be too freaked out and junk. But i've already said TOO much so I'm shutting up now and changing the topic.

Let's see...well I don't know what else to say the boys here are cuter hahahahaha ;) no prospects yet but it's been less than a week so we'll see whahaha but in the meantime my wolfie's been keeping me company :D maybe one day we will meet..ha a girl can pray..oh well we'll see what happens I think this years going to be fun and good and my classes seem pretty cool.  I think I'm gonna like it here :) well laterz



Aug. 25th, 2006


Hmmm I think it's funny how all these internet website things (myspace,facebook,xanga,livejournal) try to compete with each other.  Facebook and myspace have been in competition for EVER and myspace has blogs and facebook didn't...until now whahahahaha

I think it's also funny how (aim, msn, and yim) compete with each other if you notice how they all look REALLY similar hahahaha you can now msn from yim or some crap although I haven't really figured that out yet...

okay enough of my random rants of useless info...

Well I moved into my dorm on Wednesday..yeah it's pretty nice.  My room mate's seem pretty cool to :) It shall be an interesting year :D! haha w00t and I have my own room LEGALLY hahaha none of those half empty rooms due to no room mates haha

So classes start on Monday..crazy idk if i'm ready but I dont' really have a choice...I have a general idea of where they all are...everyone says these dorms are way far but they aren't really that far from my classes so I think I'm going to be okay if you ask me..I went and picked up some of my books at the bookstore today..I need more books that I've ordered and they haven't come grrr at them blah oh well what else.....

okay well if you can't tell from my 7 photo albums my trip to disney was TONS of fun.  We also went to the walk of fame and to the beach but i don't have pics from those things up on facebook.  I have pics though so if you really want to see some of the pics i'll post them somewhere else or something facebook is gay you can only post 60 pictures per album grr at them!

But yeah okay well I'm going to go now so ttyl bye



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