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Beth Anne

I Rock!

6 March 1986
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Hi. I'm Beth Anne. :) hehe i play the piano and like talking to people online. I'm usually quiet at first but once I get to know you I talk more...I LOVE holidays hehe....I'm not that intereting so if you wanna know anything else im me i'm usually on b/c i have broadband...or leave me COMMENTS i love getting COMMENTS hehe

I'm a Junior at Texas Tech University majoring in Accounting. I just transferred this past fall here from St. Mary's University. I'm suppose to graduate in May 2008. But I probaly won't graduate till December 2008. oh well i'm not in a hurry. We'll see....

I have 1 sister and a mom and 2 cats well 1 cats mine one's my moms. They are crazy but awesome. Their names are Kitty and Milo. Okay well thats just about it if you want to know more just leave me a comment or im me :)